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Embark on a personal journey that begins the moment you’ve entered Central Coast’s first and only wine & beer day spa-VINO+ THERAPY Studio. We take pride in being the Central Coast’s first and only Wine & Beer Day Spa and our services show it. We are a quaint spa studio located minutes from Paso Robles Wine County.

Created to give you a tranquil feeling that remains long after you leave, VINO+THERAPY Studio is much more than a boutique spa and wine country get-away – it is the very core of Central Coast’s way of life! Our expertly trained wine & beer day spa therapists aim to give you the ultimate personalized wine & beer spa experience and will help you attain whatever results you are looking to achieve.

“Come & have a great time where the beer flows like wine, relax and be pampered by hops and by the vine”


What is VTS?

VTS (Vino+Therapy Studio) is a destination location for locals and traveler’s alike. At VTS you will find a very welcoming fun boutique environment filled with like-minded wine/beer enthusiasts! Inside VTS you have a couple options.

You can make an appointment with our one-of-a-kind relaxed FUN day spa. Birra-Vino Day Spa is unlike any other- we guarantee it. With top- notch Beer & Wine inspired spa treatments. Unlike normal day spas you will find a large range of spa services that are truly unique and amazing. Using only the local hops, barley, grapeseeds and by products of beer & wine making are the main ingredients found in these rare treatments. We pride ourselves in being different and yet affordable. The benefits of wine and beer therapy were already recognized by Cleopatra, the Romans and groups of people in many other countries who kept records of their practices.

BIRRA (Beer) = The medical benefits are extended to hair, skin, nails and steady blood circulation of the body. It’s also high in vitamins, such as B1, B3, as well as selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and copper, all of which help to keep the skin and body healthy which in turn enhances the charm and glow of the skin. Barley has countless health benefits and is deeply nourishing, healing and comforting. In ancient Egypt, long considered the birthplace of beer, women of the upper classes used beer for all sorts of cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, such as to freshen the skin and reduce the risk of skin conditions.

VINO (Wine) = Grape seeds, stems and skins contain high quantities of powerful antioxidants, minerals, pectic, sugars, tannins and vitamins that are fundamental to the skin’s well being. The combination of these elements serve to fortify the skin by reducing inflammation and slowing the skin’s aging process. The substances found in the acids of the wine grape are known to strengthen micro circulation while increasing the resistance of the blood cells and protecting the skin’s elastic and collagen fibers. Additional research shows that wine therapy (resveratrol) has been linked to help with skin cancers, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, muscle memory, toning of muscles, reduces varicose veins, eases allergies and fights stress and depression. Our grape-seed extract in our services is seven times more effective than Vitamin E.

Today, Tuscany, Czech Republic & Germany is the home of the wine & beer therapy movement; but today we bring this unique process of beautification here to our home on the beautiful Central Coast, while using local ingredients.



NENA Founder, Medical Aesthetician & Free Lance Makeup Artist
Native to the Central Coast of California, Nena moved to San Diego to complete her training by some of the best in the industry. She has continued her education and has been specially trained as an experienced clinician in providing medical aesthetic procedures. Nena’s passion for the Paso Robles wines and of course the beauty industry is what made her dream come true. Nena welcomes you to Vino+Therapy Studio -a unique and one of a kind wine-spa. Nena keeps up with the newest and best possible procedures in the beauty world, as well as educating herself with new wine & food concepts. The combination of these 3 implements is what makes Vino+Therapy Studio so exciting and different. Her main focus is to provide complete skin and body therapies, which will leave you in a relaxing and rejuvenating state. While at the same time making sure everyone enjoys themselves in a fun, affordable and unique environment! During your initial visit to Central Coast wine day spa- Vino+Therapy Studio, she will communicate with you to find out your every need. Your comfort and enjoyment is important to her, so let her know of any concerns. Her strong commitment to ongoing professional development and implementing new technologies ensures you will receive the best results and experience at Vinotherapy Studio. Please call today for your complimentary consultation and skin analysis or come by and enjoy some wines & beer with her and the crew!




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